Wednesday, July 6, 2011

April blizzards bring May wizards

A topical title.


M, S and I were wandering around a rainy town, which appeared to be a suburb of Toronto, but in a very wealthy neighbourhood. It soon began to storm, with thunder and lightning crashing down around all of us. This storm was caused by a group of angry wizards in the atmosphere, who patrolled the city from above.

We decided that we needed to take cover somewhere, and we deduced that the best place to go about this would be in one of the expansive houses on the street we were on. We walked down the street until we found a house that looked relatively uninhabited and proceeded to cunningly break into it. We had to keep quiet, but unfortunately I didn't make the smartest footwear decision that morning, and kept pacing around the hardwood floored living room repeating the phrase "oh god they're going to find us" whilst M and S chastised me for being an idiot.

The wizards were sending down glowing blue detection orbs (opalescent baseball-sized spheres that float through the air, periodically sending out waves of light to try and detect movement) into all of the houses in Toronto to try and find any people who were moving around during their inspections. Luckily, they didn't catch me as we all cowered in fear. We needed a way to get home.

M said she would bus, but I was dismayed because she lived in the opposite direction as me, and I didn't want to go home alone. S also said he was taking the bus home, so I asked him if I could bus with him. He said yes, and M decided to go with us after all, even though she doesn't live that way.

I was glad about this, because it registered that there is safety in numbers, even when there are angry wizards in the sky. The TTC bus number 1022 pulled up, but we were unable to take it because it isn't going to where we want to go. S decided to get on the 53, so I follow suit, before realizing that I didn't have a ticket and subsequently began to cry. He handed me the transfer he had just used, and the bus driver felt bad for me and let me use it to go home.

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