Sunday, July 3, 2011

Teal dress pants

This one's pretty long and deeply confusing. I have all of these dreams written down in a notebook, which is why they're being posted so quickly, not copious daily naps, unfortunately.


Someone had decided to change the shape of my dog's ID tag from a dog bone to a lighthouse, and I was furious about this. I decided to go to the pet store by myself to get her a new one, however I must have misunderstood the bus routes, because the 2 had taken a weird route that day, and I wound up at a strip mall near the highway. I was dismayed to learn that I am subconsciously racist, when I got very anxious upon noticing that the only other people at the bus stop with me were rowdy minority men in their twenties.

I received a text, but my phone wouldn't allow me to check it, because all of its menu settings had been changed to things like "durr". I thought someone had hacked into my phone, although I wasn't exactly sure what that entailed, and I had 35 new messages that I wasn't able to check. One of the guys at the bus stop asked me if he could borrow my phone, but I got scared and said no.

He kept approaching me, so I ran to the bus stop on the other side of the mall's driveway. He still followed me, so I sent a frantic text to S, asking him if he wanted to go to the pet store with me. He responded with the only text I was able to check, which read "sure why not". By this point I was running, and I hid in the first space available; someone's junk removal bin.

I just so happened to find S in that junk removal bin, so I urgently explained to him how scared I was. Just then, the owner of the house the bin was in front of came out talking to her neighbour about reported theft in the area. I piped in, saying that I had been followed and chased by a man who wanted to steal my phone, and I had just managed to get away. The woman invited us into her home to calm down, and we accept, except in trying to get out of the bin, S got crushed, but he was fine.

As we walked up the long wooden walkway to get into this woman's house, we saw the same guys over in the next house, just ransacking it. Just as they saw us, the woman rushed us inside her house. She quickly led us through her house until we got to the room furthest away from the front. Up until this point, the weather had been grey and dreary, but now sunlight poured into the room while we hid behind a couch. The pathetic fallacy assured us that we were safe.

Soon the woman's family members came rushing into the room to make sure we were alright, and it turns out that this woman was my godmother. There were at least 6 relatives in the room (and I was visibly traumatized at this point), all with oddly-coloured patterned hair, the majority being black and teal dreadlocks. They had all brought gifts for us as well; I was given two rings that were big and encrusted with jewels the same colour scheme as everyone's hair, and I placed them on the table as one of the relatives sat down behind me and gave me a hug, then began to read to me from a book of French poems.

Eventually we left, but just went to my house, where I was anticipating going to some sort of party later, and a friend who had been waiting for me at my house showed me a group picture where a girl from school was flashing the camera. I cringed, and we left for a fancy hotel where the girl from the picture was placing rocks of salt with drugs in the center of them into plastic glasses of Jack Daniels. I politely declined, claiming that my cup had broken (not entirely a lie, the cup had a crack in it), and I diluted the salty drink with a lot of water.

There's a hazy transition, and then I am walking to the 2 stop with a bunch of people, one of whom I apologize to for being creepy, but it turns out to not be him anyway, and I still look creepy. I appear to have donned teal dress pants, so I go home and change. I return to the group at the bus stop.

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