Monday, July 4, 2011

Religion confusion

I..I don't even know.


For whatever reason, my friends and I decided to go and watch the Islamic Olympics, so we did. One friend drove us to where it was being held, and we watched the games; they were not actually all that exciting, so we left, and we drove another friend and her 13 year old brother home as well (they had also decided to come see the games, and we just so happened to bump into them there).

There were Stars of David everywhere as we drove through whatever town we were in (there were a lot of decrepit buildings in it, and the roads were cracking cobblestones), and the conversation in the car frequently centered on a girl from school whom we collectively didn't like.

Eventually I got home, and decided to start running laps around my backyard, which had increased dramatically in size, and also acquired a small pond, which was unfortunately making everything muddy. Outside my kitchen window grew an apple tree that grows Christmas tree ornaments that look like real apples covered in ice. I ran laps for a good 20 minutes before an old friend from grade 3 joined me.

We raced together, despite the mud, and mom mother was yelling at me to stop because I was going to burn 200 calories. I was sweating from my eyes (although dream-me didn't register this as crying), and after a few more minutes my friend gave up, but I kept going,


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