Monday, July 4, 2011

Vaughan Mills

Short and sweet. Kind of.


I was waiting at a bus at the terminal with two co-workers of mine, and I believe we were going to go see a movie in the theater there. One of the co-workers was angry because he was waiting for someone named Kim, but she didn't have a phone and was nowhere to be seen. An old woman pulled up in a car next to the bus terminal, and we were all hopeful, but she wasn't Kim.

We all spotted the Christmas bus (a big blue bus garishly decorated with snowmen and pine trees and "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" scrawled across the side) and got on it, even though it was going in the wrong direction. We ended up at Vaughan Mills mall, where I went to my new job, and also managed to ransack a store by shopping too hard (there were pants all over the floor by the time I was done).

I then got lost in the mall while trying to leave, which is irresponsible of someone who works there, where I ran into a friend of mine and informed her that Vaughan Mills was building a life-size chocolate replica of Disney World (which was actually the mountain from Canada's Wonderland), and then again tried valiantly to leave the mall via a very crowded, very Asian Swiss Chalet. There was a picture of rice on the door, and eventually I had stepped on enough people that I was able to exit the restaurant and find the bus terminal.


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